Sep 12, 2012 News

View our new ad, Sacred

As a heart surgeon, I know that the relationship between a patient and doctor is sacred.   My opponent, a career politician, has a record proving he does not. 
Sep 06, 2012 News

View our first ad, Oath.

As a physician, I took an oath to protect my patients from harm and in Congress I have done the same for all Hoosiers.
Sep 06, 2012 News

Jobs and Economic Recovery

For the 42nd consecutive month, the United States has struggled with an unemployment rate over 8 percent.  For Hoosiers, that’s 42 months too long. For Hoosiers, that’s 42 months too long. The current Administration has spent the last three years forcing failed economic policies and unnecessary regulations on small business. This “big government” philosophy has prevented the kind of job creating turnaround necessary to get those who are unemployed or under employed back to work.
Aug 24, 2012 News

ICYMI: The $6,400 Myth

  In Case You Missed It
Jul 05, 2012 News

Unity versus Division

The following email was sent to supporters on July 4th. If you do currently recieve email updates from the campaign, please click here to register.   Fellow Hoosier,