Unity versus Division

Jul 05, 2012 News

Unity versus Division

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Fellow Hoosier,

Two hundred and thirty six years ago a group of great Americans made a courageous choice for unity rather than division. On Independence Day we celebrate their conscious decision to unite and create a foundation for the greatest nation history has ever known.

Americans are still ingrained in this spirit of unity and the evidence is all around us.

For example, I witnessed a moving display of American unity while driving my oldest daughter to hockey camp earlier this week. We watched ten electrical line trucks drive by on their way from Kansas to Washington DC. They were coming to the aid of millions of people in our nation’s capital without power after the intense storms last weekend. In a moment of need, Americans came together.

I firmly believe America is the greatest nation on Earth and our greatest days are still ahead of us. There is no equivalent to American spirit, freedom, ingenuity, or productivity. We remain the most innovative, courageous, adventurous, entrepreneurial, and freest people on Earth. It’s why Americans have transformed the world and will have a permanent impact on the course of human civilization.

Our greatest accomplishments have been when government allows our inherently American qualities to thrive, succeed, and grow within every American heart. Unfortunately, onerous over-regulation, division, and hyperpartisanship threaten the future success of Americans and our nation. Many are allowing themselves to become engulfed in a constant “us against them” mentality, losing sight of ourselves as Americans first and anything else second.

Americans have always approached serious challenges with equally serious solutions, but constant partisan gridlock and bickering has made it difficult for Americans to achieve reasonable success on the critical problems and opportunities of our times. While there are philosophical differences on the role of government we should always be Americans first.

As your representative, I have made every effort to be a representative for everyone, regardless of their political affiliation. I’m very proud to have pursued bipartisan legislation on many important issues impacting the strength and vitality of our nation, including efforts to eliminate drug shortages of life-saving medicine and strengthening our nation’s transportation infrastructure.

In this election, Americans will have a serious choice to make about the future of our country. Will we continue the hyperpartisanship of President Obama and his allies in Congress? Or, will we elect leaders who believe our nation’s greatest days are still ahead of us and are committed to American unity?

The choice is up to you this November.

I hope you will enjoy this Independence Day and remember the courageous leaders who chose unity over division when they laid the foundation for the success our nation is determined to attain.

Thank you for your support and God Bless.


Dr. Larry Bucshon


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