The Road to Economic Recovery for Southwestern Indiana

Feb 08, 2012 News

The Road to Economic Recovery for Southwestern Indiana

Recognizing the deep, meaningful impact the construction of the I-69 corridor will have for the people of Southwestern Indiana, Dr. Bucshon recently successfully offered an amendment which has been included in the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act of 2012

This amendment will help get the construction of I-69 back on track and help deliver on the economic benefits of the project. The construction of I-69 is just part of Dr. Bucshon’s “Made in Indiana” plan and one of many actions he has taken in Congress to help revitalize our economy in the region.

While President Obama and his allies in Congress have expanded the size and scope of government, as part of their misguided and wasteful economic agenda, Dr. Bucshon has continued to offer responsible, common sense conservative solutions to our problems by empowering small businesses.

If you support Dr. Bucshon’s efforts to bring jobs and economic virility to Southwestern Indiana, please join our grassroots campaign for Congress.

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