Welcome to Indiana, Mr. President

Oct 03, 2014 Blog

Welcome to Indiana, Mr. President

Fellow Hoosier 

If you hadn't heard yet, President Obama is taking a break from his fundraising tour to visit Southern Indiana today. 

He was last here in 2008 to ask for our votes and promised us change. After nearly 6 years in office that has been exactly what we've seen – a change to policies that are stifling our economy, and putting good paying Hoosier jobs at risk.

And that's not all.

Over the past year, Indiana has led the nation in manufacturing job growth, thanks in large part to our access to clean abundant coal-generated energy. Indiana is succeeding, yet President Obama insists on fighting a never ending "War on Coal." By his own words, his policies will cause energy rates to "necessarily skyrocket" putting hard working Hoosiers' livelihoods in jeopardy. 

I plan to meet the President at the Airport this afternoon, and ask him to join me on a tour of a Hoosier coal mine to see firsthand the impact his policies will have on every Hoosier's pocketbook.

By contributing to my campaign today, you can help me send a message to the President that common-sense policies are fueling our success in Southern Indiana, not Obama's job-destroying War on Coal.

Larry Bucshon, M.D. 
Member of Congress