Watch Our New Ad, "Saves"

Sep 27, 2012 News

Watch Our New Ad, "Saves"

The facts in this election could not be clearer. 

Obamacare cut Medicare, put government bureaucrats between patients and their doctors, and put a job killing tax on medical devices. This job killing tax has caused Indiana companies, like Cook Medical, to scrap plans to expand their operation and create new jobs.

Astonishingly, career politician Dave Crooks continues to support Obamacare despite all of this.

I will continue working to repeal and replace Obamacare with common sense reforms that will reduce costs and increase coverage without placing an unnecessary burden on our nation’s job creators.

We can win this thing, but I need your help. A contribution of $150, $100, or $50 today will ensure that we can keep our message on TV.

Together we can defeat the Obama-Crooks agenda and repeal Obamacare.

Thanks in advance,

Dr. Larry Bucshon
P.S. I need your help! A contribution of $150, $100, or $50 would go a long way to keep our message on TV.

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