Fighting for Responsible Energy Policies

Jun 04, 2012 News

Fighting for Responsible Energy Policies

President Obama declared his war on energy before taking office, proclaiming "Under my plan... electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket." Unfortunately, it's one of the few campaign promises he kept and his liberal energy policy is creating an undue financial hardship for too many hard-working Hoosier families.

As your representative, I have been a staunch opponent of the activism pursued by President Obama's EPA, whose burdensome over-regulation has contributed to increasing energy costs, limited research and development of practical energy solutions, and slowed job creation in the energy industry. That's why I have proposed legislation requiring EPA regulations to be based on science, rather than ideology.

I have also worked to alleviate high gas and energy prices by voting for construction of the much needed Keystone XL pipeline to bring oil from Canada who continues to be a friendly ally, advocated and voted for development of clean energy resources, and have fought to protect Hoosier energy jobs.

Going forward, I will continue to take action to address the rising costs of energy, bring our nation closer to energy independence, promote market-viable clean energy sources, and create new jobs for Hoosiers. I will also continue to support oil exploration, clean coal technology, expanded use of nuclear energy, as well as solar and wind energy development.

Has your family been affected by President Obama's liberal energy agenda? Let me know via Twitter, Facebook, or Email.

(Photo courtesy of Mr. Pat Pilon under the Creative Commons license.)